I’m a free-lance photographer currently living in Waupaca, Wisconsin. I have been selling pictures to calendars and magazines for the last fifty-some years.

My photographic training dates back to 1946-7 when I was in the U.S. Air Force, attending schools of photography, photo-lab technician and aerial photography. All filming in the Air Force at that time was in black and white, but after leaving the service, I started working with 4×5 Ektachrome sheet film and its lab work, because that was the size that the calendar publishers liked. 35mm was too small for them.

My travels included the Southeastern and Southern states in early spring, the Western states in summer, New England in Fall, but my greatest collection of images are Wisconsin farm scenes.

Now that the market has turned digital, I have switched to all digital photography which has opened up all new kinds of subject matter that was previously difficult to get with film.

Lately, I’ve become interested in creating framed prints for galleries, more as a hobby than a business. Despite my years, I still enjoy traveling and finding new subjects to photograph.