Final Sales at WCAC

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Artists who choose to will have their work available at 30% off during August, 40% during September, 50% during October, and 60% until November 19th, our final day at WCAC.  We will be closing with a party on our 10th Anniversary November 21st.  On November 16, 17, 18, and 19 (Thursday through Sunday) we will be open all day and possibly into the evening.  Our artists have been invited to bring in any work they would like to sell during these days.  If you have been waiting to get a particular artist’s work, this is your chance.

Artists participating in the discounts on all their work right now:  Audrey Bunchkowski, Carolyn Rosenberger, David DeBolt, Robert Lardinois, Tom Nieling, Anita Golke (some items)


We will also have some tangible assets for sale, like furniture, equipment, display untis, office supplies.  These are already marked to look at but, if you see something you want, you can pay for it.  However, it can not be picked up until November 22 through 25.  At some point, we will post a list of items.

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